Miss Cindy


Last year in the blog we mentioned our encounter with the 16′ Miss Cindy in Bahia de Los Angeles in October 2008. Officially Miss Cindy is a Turtle Island 16′ Microcat cruiser.  We had a great evening getting to know her solo captain Tony Bigras and were greatly entertained by his stories. He had trailered Miss Cindy south from Canada to Mexico and launched her into the Sea of Cortez at San Felipe (about 185 miles south of Yuma, Arizona). Raven and Miss Cindy crossed paths near the beginning of Tony’s ambitious voyage.

Tonight I came across Tony’s Miss Cindy website referencing our meeting early in his voyage and going on to chronicle his adventures and 4,000 mile voyage from San Felipe all the way south and east via Nicaragua to Cuba, then Florida, before trailering Miss Cindy back home to Vancouver, B.C., Canada in June 2009!

What an adventure!  Fun reading.  Way to go, Tony!

So if you’re interested in a different style of cruising, here’s the link.

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