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The January issue of Tucson Lifestyle Home and Garden just came out with a really nice two-page article about my photography on page 14. If you don’t have a chance to pick it up at the newsstand, the magazine is available digitally online. Go directly to the article on page 14: Regional Artisan: Snap Judgment

And for those of you who missed it, I also enjoyed coverage with a nice spread last November in ARTisSpectrum Magazine, which covers the Chelsea art scene in New York City. Go directly to the article on page 38: Carol Brooks Parker

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Meanwhile I’m packing my bags and flying south tomorrow morning to Ixtapa, Mexico, where AVATAR is poised to start the next leg of her journey to (and through) the Panama Canal! This should be an exciting voyage that from Mexico continues on via Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica and of course Panama en route to our canal crossing. The ultimate goal is Florida by March so that Mike and I can spend this coming spring and summer cruising the east coast. This is the same itinerary originally scheduled for last year, but our unplanned detention in Mexico caused a delay. Things have been going much more smoothly for us this time around (knock on wood).

Prepping for the trip, I’ve been reading David McCullough’s book The Path Between the Seas: The Creation of the Panama Canal 1870-1914 about the history of the canal. It’s a fascinating story and we are all really looking forward to the experience!

Hopefully I’ll be blogging photos of warm waters, golden beaches, palm trees, macaws and monkeys in a few more weeks, if the internet cooperates! Here’s a hint of things to come…from a quick trip to Ixtapa’s beautiful beaches just before Christmas.

Waves Series #1 - Ixtapa, Mexico 2014



5 thoughts on “Tucson Lifestyle Home & Garden Magazine Article!

  1. Happy New Year, Carol! This article is wonderful and your photographs are ABSOLUTELY SPECTACULAR! WoW! Congratulations! I’d love to buy an original of yours one day. With love, Amy

  2. What a fantastic way to start off 2015! I look forward to seeing the blog posts (internet willing) of your trip through the Panama Canal. I did a huge project on the Panama Canal in high school – have always wanted to go there!

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