Cover Story!

Cover by Carol Brooks Parker

Berthon Lifestyle Magazine XI, Sept 2015

I’m excited to share with you the new issue of Berthon Lifestyle Magazine, a handsome publication produced annually in the UK by Berthon International. That’s my photo on the cover, and inside (pages 16-21) is my article, a six-page feature spread titled “A Photographer’s Story“.

Berthon is a comprehensive yachting service center located in Lymington, England, and has been in continuous business building and repairing yachts since 1877 (not a typo)! The Berthon Yacht Sales Division has an international presence with offices based in France and the USA as well as England.

We’ve known Sue Grant, the managing director, long distance for several years after she was recommended to us by Dashew Offshore to help us sell our sailboat Raven when AVATAR was nearing completion. Under Sue’s guidance Raven was sold quickly and efficiently – even though physically the boat itself was located in New Zealand, our broker was in the UK, we the sellers were at home in Arizona, and the buyer and his agent were based in Florida. All the logistics were handled by long distance phone calls, emails, and Fed Ex. Truly a modern-day international transaction!

Sue is a fan of The AVATAR Logs and she asked me to submit an illustrated article to include in the September issue. But I wasn’t expecting a six-page spread and the cover! The layout is beautiful and I am so flattered to be represented.

I hope you all take time to read it and enjoy. I’m monitoring the mailbox for hard copies being shipped to me from overseas! Here’s the magazine in its entirety – that’s my image from the Cook Islands on the cover, and the feature article, “A Photographer’s Story“, starts on Page 16.

You can view the complete magazine directly online (requires Flash), or download it as a PDF here.

Or just play the pages of my article as a full screen slideshow by clicking on one of the images below.

7 thoughts on “Cover Story!

  1. I have admired the art of your photography over the past few years. Now I also get to enjoy the beauty of your writing! Thanks.

  2. Dear Carol,
    thanks for making me smile (for example the 20 minute Stop on a foreign beach with non photographers…). I follow your work for about a year now – love this article a lot.
    Hopefully one day I can follow your footsteps around the globe on board a FPB.

    Best wishes and hope to see you one day


  3. Hi Michael, Thanks for the kind words! Best of luck following the FPB dream. Did you see there’s a new model (FPB 70) just announced this week?

  4. Hi Carol,
    you´re welcome 🙂
    Yes I saw the new model, looks great like the others. They keep filling the gaps in a very nice way.
    If you don´t mind, what gear are you using for diving (like, kompressor, uw-housing…)?

  5. Our compressor is a Bauer Oceanus E1 which has worked flawlessly for nearly six years – although this trip it is giving us trouble and needs service. Fortunately the marina we’re at in the Turks & Caicos has a dive shop so we are filling our tanks on shore. The compressor is installed in the engine room and when we fill the dive tanks, we run the hose from there to the aft deck by way of the engine room hatch and fill the tanks above deck. For underwater photography I used to use a Subal housing for Nikon D3 and D3S cameras. Now I have a Nauticam housing for the D4/D4S models. The Subal setup is for sale as I no longer have that model of Nikon. Lately I have also been shooting (not underwater) with the mirrorless Sony a7r2 camera which is a lot of fun, but I’m not ready to give up my Nikons yet.

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