I have a shooting style that would be frowned upon by the purists. Aboard AVATAR, my choice of subject depends more on the luck of my circumstances than the choreography of a planned shoot. I am a prolific shooter who pays the penalty when it comes time to sort through the multiple digital files generated by the camera.

I do my best to capture good images in camera, but it is not until I am at the computer reviewing the results that I zero in on those very few that fully capture my imagination, meriting further exploration in the editing process.

Here in the Bahamas the color of the water has inspired me to photograph the waves rolling in to shore. I shoot in burst (continuous high speed) mode, often coming home with hundreds shots, most of which are deleted at first sight on my computer screen. I am looking for that fortuitous combination incorporating the color, movement and dynamism of the surf – ingredients that create what I mentally term ‘gesture’, the captured essence of a subject that defines it, whatever that subject may be.

On Cat Island just around the corner from the marina there was an expanse of beach and rocky outcroppings where we went walking one morning just to stretch our legs. Again I was mesmerized by the small friendly wavelets and invested an hour or so trying to capture just the right shot. Poor Mike settled himself on a comfortable rock and patiently waited me out. This is perhaps the third ‘wave shoot’ I’ve indulged in on this trip, as each beach offers its own personality to explore.

Today the morning was grey and drizzly and I was at the computer weeding out rejects and clicking through the likely prospects for further attention. I selected the image at the top of this blog for the dynamics of its curl and splash and the play of colors in water and sand. A sunlit bright spot caught my eye as the thought crossed my mind that it resembled a shark – and then I realized it actually was a shark, captured unknowingly as he swam into my frame. The dictionary definition of ‘serendipity’ incorporates the phrase ‘a pleasant surprise’, certainly an apt description of this morning’s discovery.

By the way, this is a very small shark swimming through a very small wavelet. By zooming in and eliminating all frame of reference, size becomes an unknown. It is just as easy to imagine prehistoric megalodon slicing through gigantic storm tossed seas.

The slideshow below is a collection of wave photographs shot not only here in the Bahamas, but in years past as well. Some include surfing sealife captured with more deliberate intent than today’s featured shark. Repeats from earlier blogs are included, but today’s topic seems to call for a recap, as well as nod to the contributions of Lady Luck.

Click on any image below to start a full screen slideshow:


4 thoughts on “Serendipity

  1. Your blog and the pictures are always a “Serendipity” to me.
    As a semi-pro photographer I can imagine how many time you spent to get the right picture. Thanks to share it with us.

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