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In the process of prepping AVATAR for sale, we have cleaned house and removed all personal belongings from the boat. A ‘pod’ arrived in Tucson filled with boxes packed full of boat-related items that we’ve accumulated over the past 10+ years of cruising.

Eyeing eBay, CraigsList, Goodwill, and other options for re-homing some of this ‘stuff’, it occurred to me that many readers of The AVATAR Logs are boaters themselves and might have an interest in some of the things we have no further use for.

To top the list, there are two inflatable stand-up paddle boards in excellent condition. The fact that they are inflatable makes them ideal for squeezing into the limited storage space aboard a yacht. More details in the list below.

We also have two folding bikes – also ideal for limited storage space on a yacht, but which expand the transportation options in port when errands need to be run. Great for private planes as well, or the trunk of your car, no bicycle rack needed!

We also have an extensive library of more than 90 cruising books and guides covering a variety of locations throughout the world.

If anything below interests you, drop me a comment for further info.

Stand Up Paddleboards (SUPs) – excellent condition
2 x 2013 Starboard Astro Tender 11’2″, complete with backpack carry-bag, air pump, and 3-piece paddle. Cost new: $1,850 each. Sell now $900 plus shipping.

Folding Bikes – excellent condition, both with storage/carry bag:

1 Tern Link D8 w/20″ tires (click for specs) Cost new: $750, sell now $375 plus shipping.
1 Tern Node D8 w/24″ tires (click for specs) Cost new: $800, sell now $400 plus shipping.

Cruising Guides (All SOLD!) – Click to download a PDF with a detailed listing of individual titles. Sell any title $10 each plus shipping.

In general they cover a wide variety of areas including the following.

Central America
New Zealand
South Pacific including Fiji, New Caledonia, Vanuatu
US East Coast and ICW
US Hawaii
US West Coast

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